New York Trees For Sale

The Empire State is known for New York City, its picturesque upstate pastures, and its historical roots in American culture. It is fitting, then, that New York residents adopted the Sugar Maple as the state tree in 1956.   A native hardwood to northern stretches of the United States and eastern and southern regions of Canada, the Sugar Maple offers bright orange fall foliage and the delicacy maple syrup. A moderately tall deciduous hardwood, the Sugar Maple can reach heights of 115 feet, with round-notched maple leaves and “pinwheel” seeds. The seeds are paired and break off in the autumn, spinning to the ground. The seeds must be exposed to at least 90 days of freezing temperatures in order to soften the exterior for spring germination. Although the Sugar Maple can be sturdy tree for planting, offering both edible investment and valuable shade, New York planters have many other varieties of trees to choose from.

Due to its large size, severe weather, and varied temperatures, the smart New York grower will need to consider the following:

Best Trees for New York

Read about the specifics for your state in the following sections. If you’re looking for some quick ideas on what to plant, consider the following trees as expert-tested and The Tree Center approved:

  1. Royal Empress Trees

Ideal for providing fast-growing shade, year-round beauty, and drought resistance.

  1. October Glory Maple

Ideal for continuous color, adaptable growing conditions, and landscaping designs.

  1. Everbearing Strawberry

Ideal for bearing fruit, providing color, and delicious, edible profits.

  1. Thuja Green Giant

Ideal for providing fast-growing privacy, cultivated borders, and effortless growth.

Fast Growing Privacy Trees in New York

The state of New York is renowned throughout the United States as a comfortable, healthy, and safe state in which to abide. It is no wonder that New York residents may notice new homes being built nearby, new developments and shopping centers popping up, and highways carrying loud cars laid in bulk near their home. Planting trees along yard perimeters will add both privacy and beauty to the New Yorker yard.

Although there are many options from which to choose, in New York, a planter cannot be mistook by the American Holly. Growing throughout the United States, American Holly is adaptable, fast-growing, and colorful. Reaching at least 15 feet in height, the American Holly forms dense evergreen walls reminiscent of hedge mazes. In addition, New York residents can also choose from the Leyland Cypress or Nellie Stevens Holly to form the perfect private paradise.


The 27th largest state, New York is the third most-populous in the United States, owning in large part to New York City. The climate of the state is variable, sometimes matching a humid continental climate and sometimes a humid subtropical climate. The annual temperatures and humidity ranges vary based on region. In upstate New York, as well as in the Catskills, Adirondacks, and both northern and southern plateaus, temperatures are cooler. New York City, Long Island, and the lower portions of the Hudson Valley are warmer. Summers throughout the state are moderately mild, with daily averages in the 70s and 80s. Hot, humid days are more frequent in the New York City region, where averages climb into the low 90s. Winters can be quite cold, with temperatures lingering at sub-0°F, though typically they remain in the upper 20s and lower 30s.

Soil Type

Most trees require well-drained soil rich with minerals to grow. Honeoye soil covers over half a million acres of New York, and the soil is useful for planting corn, soybeans, wheat, oats, vegetables, alfalfa, grapes, apples, and grasses for grazing. The soil can be slightly acidic, though it is generally quite fertile and neutral in subsoil layers. Regardless of the property’s location in The Empire State, a soon-to-be tree planter can perform a simple test to determine his/her soil type.

In order to determine the type of soil in your yard, try this test to give you a basis for finding the best matched trees. For this test, you will need a healthy handful of soil from the layer beneath the topmost piece of soil. The soil should be a little damp, but not recently watered or wet. Simply squeeze the soil sample and one of the following events will occur.

1. You have CLAY if, after opening your hands, the soil maintains its shape, forming a ball. If you touch the sample, it does not fall apart.
2. You have LOAM if, after opening your hands, the soil maintains its shape, forming a ball. If you touch the sample, it falls apart.
3. You have SAND if, after opening your hands, the soil immediately collapses.

Once you know what soil type you have, you can find trees best suited to the dirt’s properties. Loam is the best soil to have, as its unique qualities make it ideal for holding and transferring water to trees.

Average Precipitation

New York receives plentiful amounts of rainfall, averaging statewide at 60 inches annually. The annual rainfall amounts do not fall consistently throughout the state, with the most precipitation falling in the Appalachian Mountains. The southeaster portion of the state, as well as the borders with Vermont and Ontario, see the least amount of rainfall. Most of the rainfall occurs in the spring, with occasionally summer thunderstorms bringing more. Snowfall can be heavy at times, with Nor’easters bringing heavy wintry precipitation to the region. Regions near the Finger Lakes experience lake-effect snowfall, often gathering upwards of 150 inches.


Although rainfall is abundant in New York, irrigation can play an important role in ensuring successful growth for new trees. Newly planted trees are at a greater risk, as the transplantation from the original pot or soil will cause tree stress. Consistent and controlled access to water, especially in the months immediately following the planting, can be the difference between stunted growth and successful leafing. Ensure suitable drip or sprinkler irrigation systems are in place, preferably with indirect contact of the new root ball, prior to planting a new tree.

Growing Zones

New York is home to eight unique growing zones. A growing zone simply refers to the USDA’s determination of areas where certain plants are most likely to thrive, preferring to focus on minimal temperature ranges in which a plant can survive. Long Island and New York City are the warmest regions, and temperatures often do not linger below -5°F. Temperatures are colder and more complex in northern regions of the state, where varying effects from mountains, lakes, and wind systems are a large factor. Central and eastern portions of the state can be cold, with temperatures dropping to -25°F for extended periods. In the west, near Rochester and Buffalo, temperatures are slightly warmer, lying in the -10°F to -20°F range. In the northern portions of the state, between Utica and Potsdam, temperatures are coldest, staying at -35°F for extended periods.

Weather Damage

Hurricanes, tornadoes, and flooding are the most common concerns in New York. The state receives on average ten tornadoes a year, with a severe tornado every five years. Hurricanes hit approximately every 18 years, with the distance between severe hurricanes as large as 72 years. Flooding is more common, and it can be especially severe in New York City.

If you prefer to purchase your trees or shrubs in person instead of online, we offer this comprehensive guide to purchasing a tree at your local New York nursery or garden center. However, since we don’t actually live in New York we can’t guarantee this list to be 100% accurate – but we did attempt to be as accurate as we possibly could. We have no affiliation with any of the businesses listed below and make no guarantees as to the businesses’ ability or the quality of trees you will receive. As with any purchase you make, be sure to check out the business with the Better Business Bureau, references, and any other sources you may have.


New York Trees For Sale | The Tree Center™
AlbanyOsborne Mill Nursery Inc231 Osborne Road518-482-8150
AlbionAlbanese’s Greenhouse309 W Academy Street585-589-2567
AlbionBertsch’s Good Earth Market1582 Oak Orchard Road585-682-3604
AldenAlden Evergreen Nursery12648 Main Street716-937-6996
AldenL M Stone and Topsoil Ltd11190 Walden Avenue716-683-1098
AldenUlbrich’s Tree Farm and Garden11500 Broadway Street716-937-7742
AltamontColonial Acres Nursery2552 Western Avenue518-456-5348
AltamontHelderledge Farm435 Picard Road518-765-4702
AmeniaAmenia Nurseries IncSharon Road845-373-9281
AmherstHi-Way Produce Inc2940 Niagara Falls Boulevard716-695-2741
ApalachinYork’s Landscape Svc3065 Pennsylvania Avenue607-625-2226
AppletonGreen Lane Nurseries Inc7184 Lake Road716-778-8710
ArkportFir Evergreen Tree Farm178 Ellis Hill Road607-295-7600
ArkportMarcus Farms196 Ellis Hill Road607-295-7527
ArmonkBenedict Nursery521 Bedford Road914-273-8480
ArmonkWinkler’s Nurseries and Greenhouse45 Bedford Road914-273-3083
AtticaFeedbag and Flowerbed71 Market Street585-591-9273
AuburnLakeview Nursery and LandscapingE Lake Road315-252-1281
AuburnWindingle Farm NurseryRR 6315-252-6036
AvonPalmiter’s Garden Nursery2675 Avon Geneseo Road585-226-3073
BabylonBest Trees in Town611 W Montauk Highway631-661-1006
BaldwinsvilleLanders Botanicals9005 Dinglehole Road315-678-2766
Ballston LakeStreeter’s Trees23 Glenwood Drive518-877-5494
Ballston SpaBrookside Farms824 State Route 67518-885-6500
Bay ShoreFifth Avenue Nursery1521 5th Avenue631-665-0530
Bay ShoreGabe’s Nursery and Lawn Statuary1521 Sunrise Highway631-665-5527
BedfordBedford Nursery235 Greenwich Road914-234-7083
BedfordBilly Bobs Garden Center18 Bedford-Banksville Road914-234-2246
Bedford HillsBedford Hills Nursery201 Bedford Road914-666-0374
Bedford HillsMill River Supply375 Adams Street914-666-5774
BellportSerenity Water Gardens IncColonial Lane631-286-8010
BelmontEast Wind Landscape Nursery5614 State Route 19 N585-268-5535
BethpageBlooming Dreams423 Central Avenue516-933-8696
Big FlatsDavis Garden Center454 Main607-562-3787
BlasdellBlasdell Nursery3527 S Park Avenue716-827-5814
BlasdellHighland Garden Craft4243 S Park Avenue716-822-0957
Blue PointBlue Point Nursery90 Eatondale Avenue631-363-2099
Blue PointKurt Weiss Wholesale Florist33 Maple Street631-363-6437
BoonvilleCihocki, Jane9158 Dean Road315-942-2681
BranchportWestwind Nursery3940 Italy Hill Road315-595-8821
BrentwoodSam’s Bargain Center140 Express Drive S631-273-7760
BrewertonToll Gate Garden Center9006 Brewerton Road315-698-4308
BrewsterMiddlebranch Farm154 Peaceable Hill Road845-279-5737
BrewsterVenamy Orchids IncRoute 22845-278-7111
Briarcliff ManorBriarcliff Garden Center530 N State Road914-762-7742
BrockportSalmon Creek Nursery960 Salmon Creek Road585-637-4497
BrockportSara’s Farm Market389 East Avenue585-637-4745
BronxA and E Garden CenterTillotson Avenue & Noell Avenue718-994-4925
BrooklynBonsai Garden and Antiques442 Atlantic Avenue718-222-3883
BrooklynConway Florist1603 Bushwick Avenue718-455-3052
BrooklynGowanus Nursery102 3rd Street718-852-3116
BrooklynJames Gale and Son34 Brooklyn Terminal Mk718-251-6060
BrooklynMidtown Greenhouse Garden Center115 Flatbush Avenue718-636-0020
BrooklynRoot Stock65 Washington Street718-643-7779
BrooklynRoot Stock Inc297 7th Avenue718-832-1888
BrooklynShrub World8214 Foster Avenue718-444-7451
BrooklynTamillo Nursery3925 Avenue U718-934-1355
BuffaloAdams Nurseries Inc2121 Sheridan Drive716-876-2121
BuffaloGarden Spot1550 Harlem Road716-895-4219
BuffaloQueen City Garden Town Nursery4000 Harlem Road716-839-2626
BuffaloSnyder Ridge Landscaping300 Kenmore Avenue716-862-8016
CairoGreeneryRoute 32 & Silver Spur Road518-622-9404
CallicoonCatskill Perenials and Wholesale163 Tonjes Road845-482-4514
CalvertonDecorative Gardens522 Edwards Avenue631-727-9511
CalvertonLewin, ErnestSound Avenue631-929-6439
CalvertonWarners Nursery and Garden Shop2669 Sound Avenue631-727-8733
CamillusRed Oak Nursery5860 Ike Dixon Road315-672-3055
CamillusYards and Gardens-Agway5206 W Genesee Street315-487-2570
CanandaiguaFarmington Farm and Garden Inc5930 County Road 41585-924-7340
CanandaiguaJ E Miller Nurseries Inc5060 W Lake Road585-396-2647
CanandaiguaMayflowers Nursery and Garden2505 Rochester Road585-396-9660
CanandaiguaPeter Paul’s Nursery4665 Chapin Road585-394-7397
CanandaiguaSmart Landscape Nursery3915 State Route 21 S585-394-8109
CanandaiguaSpring Valley Gardens3100 County Road 10585-396-1460
CanisteoStephens Tree Farms47 4th Street607-698-2528
Carle PlaceCarl Place Garden Center542 Westbury Avenue516-338-4599
CarmelKent Countryside Nursery61 Ludington CT845-225-7766
CayugaGrandma’s Garden5673 Cross Road315-889-5124
Center MorichesF Vargus Nursery and Landscaping63 Bernstein Boulevard631-878-9453
Center MorichesGarden Spot366 Railroad Avenue631-878-5662
Central Islip111 Farms and Nurseries1011 Islip Avenue631-234-1111
ChamplainNorth Country Tree Nursery147 Rapids Road518-298-3512
ChappaquaFlorimond’s Kitchen Garden855 Hardscrabble Road914-238-5970
Cherry ValleyLet It Grow Let It Grow Let It3870 County Highway 33607-264-3247
ChittenangoAspinall Landscaping and Nursery8797 Genesee Tpke315-687-5282
ClarenceBeaver Landscaping5640 Davison Road716-759-7044
ClarenceGarden in the Hollow11072 Main Street716-759-1883
Clarence CenterBison Nursery9635 Clarence Center Road716-741-9767
Clarence CenterC J Krantz Topsoil8960 Lapp Road716-741-3850
Clarence CenterWoodstream Nurseries Inc8500 Wolcott Road716-741-3434
ClayTeddy Bear Gardens Flower Shop8175 Henry Clay Boulevard315-652-3732
ClayvilleCreekside Gardens1960 State Route 8315-839-9909
Clifton ParkR and K Nursery1470A Route 9518-371-7974
Clifton SpringsGrafted Grape Vine Nursery2399 Wheat Road315-462-3288
ClintonGeorge’s Farm Products Inc160 Kirkland Avenue315-853-5547
CochectonJohanson Farms888 New Turnpike Road845-932-0003
CohoesTroy’s Landscape Supply1266 New Loudon Road518-785-1526
ColdenBoston Hill Nursery7421 Old Lower East Hill Road716-662-7411
CommackAuspaker, Arthur391 Commack Road631-499-8720
CommackMichael’s Garden Center1099 Jericho Tpke631-543-0112
CoramGarden Depot3672 Route 112631-732-0999
Croton on HudsonCroton Country Gardens Inc360 Albany Post Road914-271-5129
CutchogueBayberry Field Nursery11825 Oregon Road631-734-5036
CutchogueGreenland Family Farms Inc17155 County Road 48631-734-5791
CutchogueSanta’s Christmas Tree FarmMain Road631-734-7627
CutchogueTrimble’s of Corchaug Nursery20985 Main Road631-734-6494
DansvilleAgway-Town and Country5 Maple Street585-335-7670
DansvilleC W Mc Nair Nurseries8701 Dansville Mount Morris Road585-335-5402
Deer ParkHewlynn Home and Garden Center1971 Deer Park Avenue631-242-9070
DelmarPrice-Greenleaf Inc14 Booth Road518-439-9212
Dix HillsAlbert H Schmitt and Sons Farm6 Bagatelle Road631-385-1033
Dix HillsBissett Nursery Corp470 Deer Park Road631-493-1600
Dix HillsFoxhollow Farm Inc43 Foxhurst Road631-673-6667
Dix HillsGarden Country482 Deer Park Road631-462-2533
Dix HillsHalf Hollow Nursery Inc624 Deer Park Road631-667-4400
Dix HillsNorth Service Nursery25 N Service Road631-293-2800
Dix HillsRoslyn Nursery211 Burrs Lane #1631-643-9347
Dix HillsVan Bourgondien Nursery833 Deer Park Road631-667-1111
Dix HillsWalsh Nursery520 Deer Park Road631-243-5555
DunkirkCook’s Nursery10749 Bennett Road716-366-8844
East AmherstDewitt Tree Farm5314 Millersport Highway716-688-6552
East AmherstNiagara County Produce8555 Transit Road716-639-0755
East AmherstPro Gardens Inc10236 Transit Road716-636-4769
East AmherstRussell’s Tree and Shrub Farm9800 Transit Road716-689-6764
East AmherstThering’s Garden and Greenhouse6575 Transit Road716-688-0436
East DurhamCreekside Garden Center2600 Route 145518-239-6026
East HamptonCedar Walk Nursery Inc194 Three Mile Harbor Road631-324-6138
East HamptonEast Hampton Gardens4 Gingerbread Lane631-324-1133
East HamptonGarden Treasure Nursery159 Three Mile Harbor Road631-329-3125
East HamptonMecox Gardens66 Newtown Lane631-329-9405
East HamptonWhitmores Tree Farm Sales80 Sag Harbor Tpke631-329-0446
East MeadowCipriano Florist1660 Front Street516-542-0499
East MorichesHenry Leuthardt Nurseries607 Montauk Highway631-878-1387
East MorichesHolly’s Garden Center234 Montauk Highway631-874-2600
East MorichesSam’s Bargain Center3 Harts Road631-878-2889
East NorthportBethlehem Coal Farms Inc4067 Jericho Tpke631-858-9093
East NorthportFelix Perennials552 Elwood Road631-266-5162
East NorthportGilligans Garden Center350 Elwood Road631-368-0838
East NorthportGreen Gardens Nursery Inc16 Burr Road631-499-4235
East NorwichWoodstock Design Landscapes1024 Jericho Oyster Bay Road516-922-9509
East NorwichWoodstock Farms1024 Jericho Oyster Bay Road516-922-9506
East SetauketBorella’s Flower Kingdom Inc360 Old Town Road631-928-1001
East SyracuseZerrillo Gardens7581 E Taft Road315-656-2643
EastportCountry Gardens Nursery220 Old Country Road631-325-1522
EastportGateway To the Hamptons Nursery507 Montauk Highway631-325-2800
EdenSite Developers Nursery7400 Southwestern Boulevard716-627-2740
EdmestonDavis Tree FarmWalter Davis Road607-965-8223
EdwardsWheat’s Greenhouse468 Campbell Road315-562-8325
EllenvilleFirst Choice Lawn and Market8888 Route 209 S845-647-6805
EllicottvilleHoerner’s Nursery and Design6407 Route 242 E716-699-5457
ElmaCotton Nursery211 Rice Road716-652-9342
FairportCountry Way Garden Center2755 Penfield Road585-377-9810
FarmingdaleC and S Nursery5000 Hempstead Tpke516-293-0099
FarmingdaleRalph’s Nursery and Garden Center40 Hempstead Tpke516-249-5620
FarmingdaleStarkie Brothers55 Motor Avenue516-777-8668
FarmingdaleStarkie Brothers Landscaping Inc721 Main Street516-293-7148
FarmingvilleRosewood Gardens1027 Horseblock Road631-736-3285
FishkillWillow Ridge Inc1348 Route 52845-896-6880
Floral ParkFloral Nursery113 Jericho Tpke516-352-7597
Floral ParkHillside Nursery Garden Center25815 Hillside Avenue718-347-4404
FloridaJansen Ep Nursery Wholesalers161 Glenmere Avenue845-651-4144
FlushingA-One Landscaping Corp1535 128th Street718-762-9740
FlushingGarden WorldFrancis Lewis Boulevard. & 46th Avenue.718-224-6789
FlushingRodriguez Landscaping4618 Oceania Street718-224-4024
FlushingWoodside Garden Center Ltd5805 31st Avenue718-721-0064
Fort AnnGreen Thumb Nursery and Country5699 State Route 4518-639-4500
Fort AnnLorraine’s Tropical Plant11 Cartier Lane518-793-7834
Fort EdwardGarden Barn351 East Road518-747-8843
FrankfortD-3 Farm2308 Coupe Hill Road315-894-2553
Franklin SquareEberhard-Voellm Nurseries Inc500 Franklin Avenue516-354-2484
Franklin SquareGarden World Inc500 Franklin Avenue516-437-2030
Franklin SquareGraham Nursery1231 Tulip Avenue516-354-2811
FredoniaDouble A Vineyard10277 Christy Road716-672-8493
FredoniaGlen Acres Nursery9607 Chautauqua Road716-672-6027
FreeportAtlantic Nursery and Garden Shop250 Atlantic Avenue516-378-7357
FreeportVillage Nursery395 W Sunrise Highway516-546-3366
FultonCountry Herbs and Flowers963 County Route 8315-593-6683
FultonGarden Gate Greenhouses2488 State Route 48315-343-6926
FultonSunshine Produce Farm Market798 W Broadway Street315-592-5512
Garden CityFury Landscaping and Gardens124 Nassau Boulevard S516-538-4499
Garden CityM M Garden Center207 Nassau Boulevard S516-483-6857
GardinerCoral Acres Nursery Inc912 N Mountain Road845-255-6634
GardinerRosedale Nurseries Inc237 Sand Hill Road845-255-8874
GasportWhite Pines Nursery, Inc.7960 Telegraph Road716-722-7020
GenevaBlue Heron Nursery6089 County Road 4315-789-6461
GenevaStyers Peonies317 Jay Street315-789-4359
GermantownThunderoc Farms1727 US Route 9518-537-4686
Glen HeadBrookville Nurseries5300 Northern Boulevard516-626-0018
Glen HeadMario Fischetti Nursery977 Glen Cove Avenue516-671-7133
Glen HeadShed328 Glen Cove Road516-676-5595
GloversvilleHarnish Brothers Nursery132 W State Street Ext518-725-1355
Grand IslandRansom Road Greenhouse555 Ransom Road716-774-8377
GreenlawnJ Van Cott Nurseries630 Pulaski Road631-261-1779
GreenlawnMichael Anthony George Nursery635 Pulaski Road631-754-0486
GreenlawnPaul’s Nursery841 Pulaski Road631-261-1148
GrotonBaker’s Acres of North Lansing1114 Auburn Road607-533-3650
GrotonPlantsmen482 Peru South Lansing Road607-533-7193
HagamanBob’s Trees1227 W Galway Road518-882-9455
HamburgCooper Ridge Garden Inc5523 Rogers Road716-649-0012
HamburgCooper Ridge Nurseries Inc3348 E Pleasant Drive716-649-3576
HamburgGarden Sensations7003 Gowanda State Road716-649-4482
HamburgGullo Garden Center and Nursery4783 Southwestern Boulevard716-646-6111
HamburgTurtle’s Nursery3404 Old Lakeview Road716-649-3645
HamburgZittel’s Country Market4415 Southwestern Boulevard716-649-3010
HamlinHarmony Woods Garden Accents3195 Roosevelt Highway585-964-7136
HannacroixSecret Gardens2329 County Route 51518-756-8973
HarpursvilleEnchanted Florist Landscape2975 State Route 7607-693-2755
HarrisonAcorn Landscape and Garden Center470 Mamaroneck Avenue914-698-7846
HartsdaleTanzillo’s Greenhouses200 S Central Avenue914-946-2946
HawthorneGreen Valley Nursery211 Saw Mill River Road914-769-1201
HawthorneNilsson Greenhouses48 Saw Mill River Road914-769-1773
HawthorneRosedale Nurseries Inc51 Saw Mill River Road914-769-1300
HempsteadA M Nursery Corp279 Baldwin Road516-292-1072
HicksvilleCatapano Brothers Nursery1040 Hicksville Road516-935-0343
HillsdaleShagback Farm Inc700 Overlook Road518-325-3640
HiltonButtonwood Farm1094 Hilton Parma Road585-392-5340
HiltonR M Nursery293 Peck Road585-392-5595
HoltsvilleCheap Sam’s Plant Bargains148 Morris Avenue631-654-3020
HoltsvilleFlowerfield Gardens1210 Portion Road631-696-5953
Honeoye FallsCountryside Flower Farm1037 York Street585-624-9264
Hopewell JctKohlmaier Farm Market and Greenhouses689 Route 376845-226-5028
HopkintonMiller Farms2825 State Highway 11B315-328-4482
HorseheadsHubbard’s Greenhouse1079 State Route 13607-739-1411
HudsonLoomis Creek Nursery Inc29 Van Deusen Road518-851-9801
HudsonWolfe’s Nursery1315 US Route 9518-828-5416
Hudson FallsWatkins Garden Center126 River Street518-792-5217
HuntingtonCamden Passage304 New York Avenue631-692-5063
HuntingtonCourduff’s Oakwood Road Gardens223 Oakwood Road631-673-0555
HuntingtonFort Hill Nursery188 E Main Street631-271-5606
HuntingtonWhite Post Wholesale Growers400 W Pulaski Road631-271-4141
Huntington StaWhitman Nurseries Inc326 Walt Whitman Road #205631-423-3838
InwoodBay Blvd Nursery Inc10 Bay Boulevard516-371-3700
InwoodCimato Garden Center136 Mott Avenue516-239-8146
IrvingMayflower Greenhouses10408 Hammond Road716-549-5715
IthacaAgway Ithaca Farm and Home Center213 S Fulton Street607-272-1848
IthacaGreentree Nursery and Garden Center308 Elmira Road607-272-3666
JamaicaEvergreen InernationalJ F K Airport718-656-2558
JamaicaMetro Garden Development Corp14007 Springfield Boulevard718-276-7571
JamestownThousand Pines Nursery Center1771 Foote Avenue Ext716-664-6155
JamesvilleBloomers Professional Gardener7166 E Seneca Tpke315-682-0275
JeffersonvilleSilver Heights Farm216 Eggler Road845-482-3608
JeffersonvilleToo Good To Be ThrewRoute 52845-482-3409
JohnstownAgway Inc250 N Comrie Avenue518-762-7613
JohnstownGoderie’s Tree Farm338 County Highway 106518-883-8196
JohnstownJohnstown Agway250 N Comrie Avenue518-762-9323
KatonahJensen Tree Farm24 Harris Road914-232-3476
KatonahKatonah Nursery Inc194 Route 100914-232-3570
KerhonksonCatskill Native Nursery607 Samsonville Road845-626-2758
Kings ParkKings Park Lawn and Garden84 E Main Street631-269-1080
Kings ParkStables Garden Center174 Main Street631-544-6653
KirkvilleCentner’s Trees and Shrubs782 Fyler Road315-656-9705
LA FayetteWatson Farms2778 US Route 11315-677-3157
LA FayetteWatson Garden Center2980 Sentinel Heights Road315-677-0286
Lake KatrineBeaver Scraps1858 Ulster Avenue845-331-6782
LancasterAdams Nurseries Inc5799 Genesee Street716-683-4885
LancasterLancaster Garden Center5805 Broadway Street716-684-4051
LarchmontLarchmont Nurseries and Greenhouse2315 Boston Post Road914-834-5802
LarchmontRedwood Nursery144 Weaver Street914-834-5627
LarchmontTony’s Nurseries2285 Boston Post Road914-834-2172
LathamBrizzell’s Flowers194 Maxwell Road518-783-3131
LathamGeorge’s Market760 Troy Schenectady Road518-785-0031
LibertyAgway-Liberty Home Garden-Pet8 Ontario Street845-292-7220
LibertyBradon Lawn and Garden Center403 Harris Road845-292-1693
LibertyStephenson’s Garden Center Inc1706 State Route 52845-292-2301
LindenhurstBest Trees in Town610 Route 109631-888-0046
LindenhurstBetter-Gro Garden Center149 Sunrise Highway631-884-0510
LisbonMiller’s Greenhouse70 Wood Road315-393-0374
LiverpoolBallantyne Gardens4825 Hopkins Road315-453-0621
LiverpoolGreen Acres Lawn and Garden8389 Oswego Road315-622-1642
LivoniaMoses Nurseries Inc2679 Poplar Hill Road585-346-9260
LockportFaery’s Plant Market Inc5970 S Transit Road716-434-1944
LockportRickard Nursery Wholesale Growers3642 Checkered Tavern Road716-434-5297
Long Island CityEftihia Enterprises Inc3719 Crescent Street718-784-3911
Long Island CityFlorentine Craftsman Inc4624 28th Street718-937-7632
MacedonEdgewood Nursery Inc620 Walworth Penfield Road315-986-4924
MadridBumble Bee Gardens11 North Street315-322-5799
MahopacDom D’Agostino Nursery395 Route 6845-628-0488
MahopacMaple Grove Nursery Inc713 Route 6845-628-9513
Malden BridgeBehn’s Best Perennials4569 State Route 66518-766-9820
MalverneWoodland Nursery and Landscape131 Franklin Avenue516-596-4382
ManliusCross Creek Nursery Inc8390 Cazenovia Road315-682-1118
ManorvilleEastport Nurseries190 Eastport Manor Road631-325-0260
ManorvilleEberhard and Hanley198 Head of the Neck Road631-878-3137
ManorvilleHorton Bros Inc32 N Weeks Avenue #C631-924-0555
ManorvilleMarando Nurseries IncChapman Boulevard631-878-9555
ManorvilleShaw Nurseries498 Moriches Middle Island Road631-878-1501
MarionWalker Landscape Svc and Nursery4919 Williamson Road315-926-5676
MartvilleMillpond Evergreen NurseryRoute 104315-947-6806
MassapequaArgyle Flower and Garden Ltd387 Clocks Boulevard516-799-0669
MassenaNorth Racquette Greenery486 N Racquette River Road315-769-1162
MasticCeltic Gardens223 Pawnee Avenue631-874-0739
MasticForge River Nursery and Garden1740 Montauk Highway631-399-3777
MattituckDavid Rose Perennials4615 New Suffolk Avenue631-298-6359
MedfordLong Island’s Home of Hosta6 Classic CT631-447-6314
MedfordPublic Garden Center921 Old Medford Avenue631-758-3289
MedinaMaple Ridge Nursery10625 Maple Ridge Road585-798-1230
MelvilleWoodbourne Cultural Nurseries301 Colonial Springs Road631-249-2329
MemphisDestiny Gardens Nursery1629 Daboll Road315-689-1496
MendonHolly Hill Evergreen Nursery3855 Rush Mendon Road585-624-2350
Middle IslandCaso and Son Landscape and Garden249 Middle Country Road631-345-2255
Middle IslandIsland Gardens40 Yaphank Middle Island Road631-205-0049
MiddletownCountry Farm Market1235 Dolsontown Road845-344-1619
MiddletownMaples Farm749 Route 17M845-344-0330
MillbrookTree Ease NurseryCrescent Road845-677-9898
Miller PlaceGing’s Nursery Inc334 Route 25A631-473-1828
Miller PlaceR N Farms Inc886 Route 25A631-209-0036
MillwoodMillwood Garden Center83 Millwood Road914-762-5552
MillwoodMillwood Garden CenterRoute 133914-762-4409
MontaukMontauk Art Daylilys Goats136 Second House Road631-668-2964
MontgomeryManza Family Farm730 State Route 211845-692-4364
MonticelloMonticello Farm Home and Garden420 Route 17B845-794-6457
MooersMooers Lawn and GardenSaint Johns Road518-236-7665
MorichesFlower Barn1 Montauk Highway631-874-2470
MorichesHulse’s Potting Shed45 Bank Center631-878-7463
MorichesSchenone Nurseries IncVeith Avenue631-878-4244
MorrisAlpine Greenhouse and Garden1984 State Highway 23607-263-5202
MT KiscoCastle Farm Inc442 Armonk Road914-244-1696
MT KiscoFleur Inc84 Lexington Avenue914-241-3400
NedrowNatural Selections6901 S Salina Street315-498-9580
NesconsetBorella Nursery Whol Grower194 Smithtown Boulevard631-265-2768
NesconsetDiscount Nursery386 Lake Avenue S631-265-8093
New BerlinSummerwood NurseryRR 3 Box 277607-847-6645
New CityCeletti Nursery Inc937 Route 45845-354-0791
New CityJ Krokus Nursery927 Route 45845-362-0232
New CityVanhouten Gardens Inc230 S Little Tor Road845-634-2498
New HartfordMum Farm9011 Red Hill Road315-737-5856
New Hyde ParkMilena’s Garden Center2000 Jericho Tpke516-616-5165
New PaltzSequoia Acres69 Shivertown Road845-255-0725
New RochelleCooper’s Corner Nursery11 Mill Road914-632-2647
New RochelleLandscape Depot34 Evans Avenue914-576-7777
New RochelleLieb’s Greenhouses Inc1 Askins Pl914-632-5599
New RochelleMario Bulfamante and Sons Landscaping262 Driveake Avenue914-636-4428
New RochelleRose Hill Nurseries975 Webster Avenue914-632-0151
New WindsorDevitt’s Farm and Garden Center56 Devitts Cir845-561-1938
New YorkCity Plants and Garden817 Avenue of the Americas212-268-0381
New YorkFischer Francis Trees and Watts717 5th Avenue212-350-8000
New YorkGarden Garage Llc384 8th Avenue212-947-4098
New YorkLexington Gardens1011 Lexington Avenue212-861-4390
New YorkN Y Gardener Ltd501 W 23rd Street212-645-0422
New YorkStone, Sana833 Broadway212-228-8396
New YorkTrees New York51 Chambers Street212-227-1887
NewarkDittmar Nursery and Lawn Care1274 Hydesville Road315-331-6103
NewarkFreddies Plantland815 W Union Street315-331-5022
NewburghLandscape Home and Garden Center226 Route 17K845-564-2744
NewburghLeptondale Nursery5 Nobles Way845-564-0466
NewburghRed Rock Garden Center5270 Route 9W845-562-7335
NewfaneStedman Old Farm Nurseries2857 Main Street716-778-8540
NewfieldVeronica’s Garden35 Bank Street607-387-3365
NinevehNineveh Valley Perennials456 County Road 26607-693-1403
North BellmoreGlenn-Scott Garden Depot1641 Bellmore Road516-826-2815
North BellmoreOld Mill Nurseries1862 Newbridge Road516-679-6228
North CollinsLilac Creek Nursery Inc10311 Mileblock Road716-337-2260
North CollinsTurnbull Nursery Inc10036 Versailles Plank Road716-337-2248
North SalemAnton Sales and Marketing Inc100 Titicus Road #A914-276-9500
North SalemHardscrabble Farms Wholesale45 Hardscrabble Road914-669-5633
North SalemTriple E Nursery3 Streetar Ridge Road914-669-9453
North SyracuseChuck Hafner Farmers Market5169 W Taft Road315-458-2231
North TonawandaWheatfield Garden and Gift2921 Niagara Falls Boulevard716-694-6480
NorthportEverything Green Landscaping720 Fort Salonga Road631-261-2226
NorthportScherers and Sons Water Gardens104 Waterside Road631-261-7432
OceansideA Grossman’s Discount Nursery425 Atlantic Avenue516-766-6663
OceansideDees’ Nursery and Florist Inc69 Atlantic Avenue516-678-3535
OleanBurton’s Farm Market1628 E State Street716-372-2812
OleanPleasant Valley Greenhouses2871 Route 16 N716-373-2929
OneontaQuality Home and Garden Ornament566 Main Street607-432-0353
OrangeburgJohn’s Tree Care22 Kevin Drive845-359-4386
OrangeburgShemin Nurseries Inc141 Route 303845-398-8031
OrangeburgVan Houten Farms68 Sickletown Road845-735-4689
Orchard ParkMurray Brothers Nurseries Inc4399 Transit Road716-662-3860
Orchard ParkOrchard Parks and Gardens2924 Southwestern Boulevard716-675-4888
Orchard ParkSchichtel’s Nursery6745 Chestnut Ridge Road716-662-9896
OssiningGreen Thumb Seasonal Nursery345 N Highland Avenue914-923-3003
OssiningSun Valley Nursery Inc136 Croton Avenue914-762-6161
PalmyraDak Nursery151 State Route 21315-597-9770
PalmyraPlant Pavilion of Western-NY3207 Cambier Road315-597-4343
PatchogueFantastic Gardens67 Avenuery Avenue631-475-7118
PattersonClaire’s Garden Center210 Haviland Hollow Road845-878-6632
PattersonPatterson Nursery721 E Branch Road845-278-9595
PattersonPutnam Lake Garden Center36 Danbury Road845-278-5258
PawlingParrino’s Greenhouses Garden178 Charles Colman Boulevard845-855-5415
PelhamDominic Bulfamante Inc Nursery94 First Street914-636-0722
PelhamEvergreen Nursery424 Fifth Avenue914-738-5504
PenfieldGrossman’s Country Nursery Inc1801 Fairport Nine Mile Pt Road585-377-1982
Penn YanHanson’s Nursery307 Keuka Street315-531-1961
PhelpsKelly Wholesale Nursery15 Eagle Street315-548-2151
PhelpsPinewood Christmas Tree Farm1035 Pinewood Road315-548-3485
PhelpsWindy Hill Flower Farm271 Main Street315-548-8000
PhoeniciaTerrace Farm Nursery181 Main Street845-688-7110
Pine BushLorjon Nursery918 Hill Avenue845-744-5847
PittsfordOriental Garden Supply448 W Bloomfield Road585-586-3850
PlainviewBellclare Nursery671 Old Country Road516-681-4777
Pleasant ValleyBilmar Nurseries Cut Your Own26 Bilmar Boulevard845-635-3206
PolandBen-Crest Farm655 Honey Hill Road315-845-8817
PomonaLsl Assoc Inc1040 Route 45845-354-8500
PompeyRadway Landscape and Nursery2654 Sweet Road315-677-3451
Port ChesterBotanica Meche Chaquyra DE Oro107 Westchester Avenue914-934-8049
Port ChesterVegherb Llc222 Grace Church Street914-933-0156
Port WashingtonNorth Shore Garden Center53 Avenue A516-883-8066
PotsdamPleasant Valley Greenery17 Pleasant Valley Road315-268-9120
PotsdamSt Lawrence Nurseries325 State Highway 345315-265-0778
PottersvilleShaw Valley NurseryAlder Brook Road518-251-3139
PoughkeepsieLewis Country Farms165 Overlook Road845-452-7650
PoughkeepsieVolino Nursery28 Evergreen Avenue845-454-7683
Putnam ValleyShepherd Hill Farm200 Peekskill Hollow Road845-528-0236
QueensburyEighty Eight Acres Nursery995 W Mountain Road518-792-0417
QueensburyGarden Time Inc652 Quaker Road518-793-8555
QueensburyHewitts Garden Center294 Quaker Road518-792-3638
QueensburyQuaker Farms773 Quaker Road518-792-9375
Red CreekRainbow Moon Nursery8255 State Route 104A(315) 947-6200
Red HookGrandiflora144 Pitcher Lane845-758-2020
RhinebeckPhantom Gardener Nursery Lnscp6837 Route 9845-876-8606
RhinecliffTrees Recording22 Morton Road845-876-0879
RidgeRidge Garden Center and Nursery1695 Middle Country Road631-924-8575
RiverheadEast Coast Nurseries Inc301 Reeves Avenue631-727-8887
RiverheadLong Island Perennial Farm28 Reeves Avenue #A631-727-0009
RiverheadNorth Fork Christmas Tree Farm349 Pennys Road631-369-9592
RochesterDE Visser’s Nursery and Garden485 Landing Road N585-482-5372
RochesterFrear’s Garden Center Inc1050 Stone Road585-663-5130
RochesterGarden Factory Inc2126 Buffalo Road585-247-6236
RochesterHarris Garden Center3670 Buffalo Road585-594-5610
RochesterHarris Garden Center999 Jefferson Road585-475-1985
RochesterWambach Farm Markets2590 Culver Road585-342-7120
Rockville CentreG B Schenone Nursery239 N Long Beach Road516-764-2490
RomeSalce’s Garden and ProduceTurin Road315-339-2985
RonkonkomaE J’s Discount Nursery1012 Portion Road631-451-6857
RonkonkomaJim’s Nursery306 Hawkins Avenue631-588-1396
RosendaleBasil Garden Supply2 Mountain Road845-658-3810
RoxburyQuarltere’s Garden and Market Place48850 State Highway 30607-326-4282
RoxburyRoxbury GardensOrchard607-326-4634
Sag HarborHampton Grass and Bamboo IncHempstead631-725-8499
Sag HarborSag Harbor Garden Center11 Spring631-725-3345
Sag HarborSummerhill Landscape Inc6 Shaw Road631-725-0005
Salisbury MillsPennings Gardens2010 State Rt 94845-496-4622
Saranac LakeNorth Star Industries Hhott71 Petrova Avenue518-891-4665
Saratoga SpringsOlde Saratoga Home and Garden934 Lake Avenue518-695-4834
SauquoitMassoud’s Tree Farm9716 Roberts Road315-737-5011
SayvilleCeladon112 Main Street631-567-1933
ScarsdaleScaping Falls Nursery and Gardens25 Jackson Avenue914-713-0005
SchaghticokePerennial Graphics266 Hansen Road518-753-7771
SchenectadyCountry Garden3712 Consaul Road518-346-1996
SchenectadyNorthern Nurseries115 Cordell Road518-382-1600
SchenectadyWells Nursery2557 Aqueduct Road518-346-5104
ScotiaGlindmyer Evergreen Nurseries613 Swaggertown Road518-399-7074
ScotiaRidge Gardens1258 Ridge Road518-377-4538
ScottsvilleMain Street Garden Center20 Browns Avenue585-889-4415
Sea CliffGiordano Country Gardens295 Glen Cove Avenue516-676-4011
SeldenBeechwood Nursery9 Allegheny Drive631-736-0229
Seneca FallsSeneca Falls Countrymax1945 Balsley Road315-539-5316
SherburneCounty Line Tree FarmRoute 12 N607-674-4515
SherburneJerry and Sons County Line TreeRR 2 Box 161Bb607-674-4515
ShokanBeyond the Gate3115 State Route 28845-657-9644
SidneyGarden Center19 Union Street #A607-563-3377
Silver CreekConcord Nurseries Farm11799 Bennett State Road716-934-3911
Silver SpringsPlants and Stuff3942 S Warsaw Road585-786-5548
SlingerlandsOlsen’s Nursery and Greenhouses1900 New Scotland Road518-475-9483
SmithtownStaples Garden Center895 W Jericho Tpke631-864-2782
SodusGrandpa’s Nursery and Gardens104 Rotterdam Road315-483-6784
South SalemGossett Brothers Nursery Ltd1202 Route 35914-763-3001
South SalemMetta Group28 Old Church Lane914-533-0373
SouthamptonFowler Farms555 Wickapogue Road631-283-0066
SouthamptonLynch’s Garden Center165 Mariners Drive631-283-5205
SoutholdDoroski Nursery38400 County Road 48631-765-3600
SoutholdLang, Cory39750 County Road 48631-765-2091
SoutholdLong Island Grapevines Inc400 Jacobs Lane631-765-4184
SoutholdOrnamental Plantings41000 County Road 48631-765-2614
South WesterloMosswood Gardens291 Maple Avenue518-966-8470
SparkillArbor Hill Tree Svc Llc680 Main Street845-359-8884
SpencerPlantasia Nursery636 Dawson Hill Road607-589-6336
SpencerTotalily Water Gardens591 Candor Road607-589-7956
Spring ValleyMatterhorn Nursery Inc227 Summit Park Road845-354-5986
SpringvilleSchichtel’s Nursery7420 Peters Road716-592-9383
St JamesNorman Keil Nurseries38 Fifty Acre Road #A631-584-6330
Staatsburg9 G Garden Center2100 Route 9G845-889-8333
StanleyAmberg’s Nursery Inc3164 Whitney Road585-526-5405
Staten IslandAriemma’s Garden Center1802 Hylan Boulevard718-667-7930
Staten IslandBay Terrace Gardens3334 Amboy Road718-667-3141
Staten IslandConrad Schweizer Nurseries2051 Richmond Road718-351-0917
Staten IslandDesign Landscapes2449 Veterans Road W718-605-4025
Staten IslandGreen Gardens Nursery4255 Hylan Boulevard718-948-3385
Staten IslandGreenside Up Nursery5050 Hylan Boulevard718-967-5039
Staten IslandRoadside Roses2 Arden Avenue718-948-4548
Staten IslandSal-Toni Landscaping880 Annadale Road718-967-1695
Staten IslandSantacroce Greenhouses1313 Richmond Avenue718-761-7398
Staten IslandTouch of Green Nursery Center2701 Hylan Boulevard718-987-9239
Staten IslandWiesner Brothers Nursery Inc2402 Victory Boulevard718-761-5141
StephentownBlack River NurseryBlack River Road518-733-6395
StillwaterSaratoga Lake Perennials1095 County Route 70518-583-4550
StormvilleShade and Sun Nursery Inc5 Shady Lane845-221-5294
SyossetGarden Gate Florist and Nursery250 Jackson Avenue516-364-5522
SyracuseEvergreen Mart Inc6278 Thompson Road315-463-0233
SyracuseMarcellus Nursery Inc5062 Onondaga Road315-488-2632
TonawandaSunview Garden Center2375 Sheridan Drive716-836-1920
TroyOther Side of Paradise481 State Route 40518-237-5287
TrumansburgVillage Greenhouse9787 State Route 96607-387-5797
Tuxedo ParkHickory Hollow Nursery and Garden Center713 Route 17845-351-7226
UniondaleGreenwich Nurseries785 Nassau Road516-485-3456
UticaUnited Cerebral Palsy6340 Trenton Road315-797-2063
ValatieMaple Lane Nursery32 Memory Lane518-758-7677
VernonTreeland Nursery and Landscaping4785 State Route 31315-829-2151
VestalBill’s Garden and CenterFront Street & Main Street607-785-4184
VictorBristol’s Garden Center7454 State Route 96585-924-2274
VictorGarden Store At Ted Collins8000 Victor Mendon Road585-924-7105
VictorHarris Garden Stores8053 State Route 96585-425-2799
VictorLilac Hill Nursery2366 Turk Hill Road585-223-4010
VictorVictor Christmas Tree Farm1619 Murray Road585-924-2079
Wading RiverWading River Nursery5950 N Country Road631-929-8561
WainscottBotanic Nursery16 Merchants Path631-537-5017
WaldenHodgson Farms Inc2290 Albany Post Road845-778-1432
WallkillLocust Hill Nursery1395 State Route 208845-895-3636
WaltonHansen’s Agway Farm Store15 West Street607-865-4558
WampsvilleSeneca Trail Garden CenterRR 5315-361-1532
Wappingers FallsRed Barn Farm125 Myers Corners Road845-298-1825
WarsawBird Haven Christmas Tree Farm4353 Wilder Road585-786-5081
WarwickCutler Farms81 Covered Bridge Road845-986-4879
WarwickGeneral’s Garden177 Sanfordville Road845-986-5572
WarwickMountain Pine Nursery117 Warwick Tpke845-986-7079
WarwickPennings Farm Market161 S Route 94845-986-1059
WarwickPhilippine Industries172 State Route 94 S845-988-1511
Water MillEastlands Nursery and Farms1260 Montauk Highway631-726-1961
WaterlooWright’s Tree Farm2376 Reed Road315-539-0643
WatertownSonny’s Florist Gift and GrdnRoute 342315-788-1130
Watkins GlenAngels and Fairies206 N Franklin Street607-535-5517
WaylandSteuben Landscaping Corp11425 State Route 415585-728-3500
WebsterHarris Garden Stores1349 Webster Fairport Road585-872-0120
WebsterHilltop Farm Market1506 Empire Boulevard585-671-1967
WebsterWelch’s Greenhouses1271 Webster Road585-872-2668
West HempsteadFischetti Landscaping233 Hempstead Avenue516-483-2110
West HempsteadWestminster Nursery62 Westminster Road516-481-9615
West IslipBell’s Garden Center195 Udall Road631-669-4101
West NyackBumps and Co323 Streetrawtown Road845-353-0513
West SenecaCountry Peddlers1340 Orchard Park Road716-675-4670
West SenecaDan Majeski Nurseries and Garden117 Old French Road716-825-6410
West SenecaDan Majeski Nursery117 French Road716-824-9450
West SenecaNorthridge Nurseries237 Lein Road716-677-5614
WestburyHicks Nurseries Inc100 Jericho Tpke516-334-0066
WestburyWheatly Hills Nursery530 Union Avenue516-997-7779
WesthamptonPeat and Son Nursery32 Old Country Road631-288-3458
Westhampton BchAspatuck Gardens Inc303 Montauk Highway631-288-3222
Wheatley HeightsColonial Springs Farm201 Main Avenue631-643-4829
White PlainsAmodio’s Garden Center and Flower1160 Mamaroneck Avenue914-949-3922
White PlainsGedney Farms Wholesale Nursery870 Mamaroneck Avenue914-949-4100
White PlainsNabel’s Nurseries1485 Mamaroneck Avenue914-949-3963
White PlainsProspero Wholesale Nursery1120 Knollwood Road914-592-3748
WhitehallGarden Time IncRR 4 Box 10014518-499-2000
Whitney PointFamily Tree Farm75 Hill Road607-692-3004
WilliamstownHeron Hill Day Lilies125 Chilton Road315-964-2992
WillsboroOld Adirondack Inc7 Streetation Road518-963-7184
WilsonMarks Nursery4402 E Lake Road716-751-6576
WolcottCarpenter’s Vill-Edge Nursery5825 Limekiln Road315-594-2493
WolcottWafler Nursery and Orchards10662 Slaght Road315-594-2399
WoodmereDE Setta Nursery144 Franklin Pl516-295-1866
WoodstockGallo’s of Woodstock2542 Route 212845-679-5113
WoodstockZena Green403 Zena Road845-679-0300
YonkersD and D Garden Center25 Tuckahoe Road914-969-3785
YonkersWestchester Greenhouses1 Grassy Sprain Road914-337-8707
Yorktown HeightsBlossom Knoll Nurseries1943 Baldwin Road914-962-2064
Yorktown HeightsM L Garden Corp1943 Baldwin Road914-245-3266
Yorktown HeightsZino Wholesale Nurseries3220 Crompond Road914-245-8336